Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm here (Meta4ce, young meta, Omega...whatever nigga), representing all morons, thieves, burglars, womanizers, syrup sippers, and niggas that punch random people when the alcohol within commands them to.
I'm also co-ceo of the think tank known as GET YOUR BITCH TO CHEAT MUSIC.
Our goal is getting bitches to cheat...We've been successful.
I may even be responsible for that child you're raising...Who knows, I don't associate with sucka niggas, so whatever you do that isn't related to me getting paid because of it is of no concern...except if you fail...That's a laugh and a half.
Also, hit my music page because I have some old ass songs on there: www.myspace.com/youngmeta
Beer STAYS on deck, hoes. STAYS there.
Adios, bitches.

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