Monday, December 29, 2008

The Death of Copywrite

He's dead....sort of. The selfishness has died, the weed habit is gone, the alcohol is gone. I even said "FUCK YOU!" to the pills, HOWEVER, the horrible grammar rules when typing blogs,messages, ETC still exists. :)(don't grade this, Mullen!) So it's been over a month since I smoked. I feel like the old Pete. Yeah, the one that I love. Not the lazy, lathargic,clowdy headed, forgetful, bullshitting watered down version of me. Everything feels brand new again. My lungs feel new, my mind feels new, my voice feels new and thoughts are crystal clear. Now, most of you who know me are aware that I quit smoking for a year maybe a year ago, well guess what...though I may have NOT been smoking, but I traded the weed vice for pills and liquor and I can't lie, Dom & I had some ridiculously ignorantly fun adventures during that period. Haha. Dom, Remember the night at club "Anatomy"?(The kickdrums & Joey do, I'm sure). Good times...for the time being.BUT, I am on my Andre 3k shit right now, you know; "I hadn't smoked or took a shot of drank, 'caus i started the second album off on another note, now/ THAT note threw some people in the hood off/but see I balled out & fore I falled I'd/ slow my "Lac(heh) down to a nice speed/that brain was the fried egg I MIGHT need/new direction was apparent". I'm a hard-headed, stubborn Gemini. Child-like in many ways. It only took me to fuck up 10,000 times before I got it right, but guess what...., I'VE GOT IT RIGHT! With all that said, I'm working on the new album on Man Bites Dog Records, "The life & Times of Peter Nelson". I'm working with RJD2 again on a few songs, Illmind, Marco Polo, Kount Fifth, J-Zone, DJ Rhettmatic,Jay Notes & Camu Tao (I'm still very much fucked up about my brother's passing). I'm even doing a few beats on it and I'm really picky when it comes to me rapping over my own beats, which is why I only did 3 on The High Exhaulted so whatever I do on my next album is gonna be amazing. Since I quit alcohol, drugs, etc my new addiction is the gym and studio. It's amazing. Anyway I'm baffled people are into blogs. Who care's what the next man thinks right? That's how I always thought, but I guess I am interested in how someone who's work I appreciate views the world,life, etc. so here it is. Before The Life & Times of Peter Nelson drops in mid 2009, I'm dropping my mixtape, "The Death of Copywrite". I'm not completely abandoning my old style by ANY stretch of the imagination BUT I definitly will NOT be making another "T.H.E." . HOW FUCKING LAME WOULD THAT BE? Plus, I've grown so much since then musically & individually & anyone who has kept up with Cruise Control vol.1& The Jerk vol.0 & random songs here & there know this. I'm excited for my new music to be heard. It's murdering my old shit. Sean P is on the new album, Louis Logic, Jakki, Tage Future, King.Dom, Meta4ce, Catalyst (ODOT, BASICALLY) a rock band named Middle Distance Runner (GOOGLE THEM!!!! THEY'RE SOO SICK) HELL, Copywrite might even show up for 2-3 songs, but this is Peter's album. This time it's personal. All the questions are being answered;The Roc-a-fella shit,the just blaze shit,the weathermen shit, my great grandpa, Skip Nelson aka Cipriati Maribella. (Dude had to change the italian name so his label (RCA)& fans wouldn't discriminate....check him on youtube, ),Camu Tao incident. Anything that occurred in the past 6 years will be brought to light. Anyways, it's about that time to write this 16. Until next time..,BOATS -N- HOES TO ALL & TO ALL A GOODNIGHT!




The Catalyst said...

happy to hear you on point homie

Anonymous said...

Stop dissin Asher cause your garbage and want to eat off his success you bum. Your label Man Bites Dog is whack and so are you.