Saturday, December 27, 2008

Repost, a part of this message, for yet more idiots

I got jumped for that hat by some jealous niggas.
Why one of them dead?
Dirty ass young buls.
I have no love for that idiot shit.
If my young niggas do dumb shit, I correct it...I try my hardest, because I care, and NAW I ain't saying no homo...that's that silly shit, I'm being serious.
I care about my young niggas, my old heads gave a fuck about me and still do, so what I look like letting these lil' dudes run around all stupid.
On the other hand...
I can't stop them from doing what they do...My aunts asking me if I know who got killed "out west" "down east out there by ____"..."out south"
Damn sure don't...Whoever's decision it is to decide whoever's life is not worth continuing...I can only say something to somebody like "you're mad right now, chill out".
But you can't tell a young nigga anything...niggas couldn't tell ME can I tell them?
Until other people man up and sit these young'ns down, they'll turn out that way.
I had a good influence.
I may have stole, and punched niggas...did mad silly shit, but best believe, I'm not in prison for life.
Nobody told me it was G to kill somebody for $70.
MY nigga did that.
I'm never gonna see homie again.
I'll tell you what:
He was one of the most spoiled niggas I ever knew.
All the niggas I saw get nice shit when we were super young, without stipulations like grades and shit, are the cokeheads and dirtballs...because they get grown and see how much shit costs...or their peeps can't take it.
Then they feel a certain way.
Try to get down...wanna get it poppin...
$70 my nigga?
You got 20 some years for that.
I ain't wearing no shirt w/ that nigga's name on it.
and all of y'all retarded, feeding into that bullshit.
Making it okay for lil dudes to get booked.
Fuck y'all's free ____ shirts.
If that nigga did the shit, why does he need to be free?
Stupid ass lames.

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