Saturday, December 27, 2008

I got a poem for y'all hoes

I'm tryna understand y'all
Bitch niggas who let your man fall
victim to some shit that coulda been avoided...
both y'all niggas mind poisoned.
And now you locked up cuz of hand offs.
I really can't understand y'all
I got a child, and I'm tryna be a grandpa
w/ my cake long, I'm tryna auction land off...
rich as shit, and chillin about being noided.
Picture this:
Death or destiny can be an appointment...
just flick your finger
and let a clip from a pistol
just to say you official
I guess yo' gangsta is an issue
If you ain't gettin bullet riddled
you'll be in prison w/ a boyfriend...
while your baby mama let your boys hit...
it's amazin how these choices...
lead to a conclusion
these niggas is stupid
get weeded, and be confused when
they booked up
and they best friend and chick hookin' up
thinkin' y'all relationship glued like "dick good enough"
your dick is not in the picture so she thinkin' what's good for us?
and somebody close to you is what she shouldn't want...
you wanna beat his ass.
but he send commissary,
it's sad that he got love for you
that substitute is teachin' class.
Lookin' out for your son
Watchin your daughter grow
1st day of school,
things you oughta know

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